We Are Boutique Travel Company

And we specialize in the more adventurous kind of travelling to Russia. What kind? Read more to find out!

What We Do

We help adventurous travellers from around the world to experience Russia in the most unique way, through its natural beauty and the beauty of its people.

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Our Services

We provide the full range of services demanding traveler might think or need of, including, but not limited to:

Booking &Visa Support

We’ll assist you with booking and Russian visa, as well as with other docs you might need here.

Airport Meeting & Transfers

We will meet you at the airport and transfer to your hotel or other place of residence.

Guided Tours &Various Activities

We will organize your time here according to your preferences so you will never feel bored.

Our Prices

Our prices are fair for exclusive services we provide, but they are definitely not for the travellers on tight budget or backpackers crowd.

booking & visa support

We help you with booking and every document (visa) you need to enjoy your stay in Russia, starting from 

$ 49
airport meeting & transfers

We’ll meet you and transfer to any destination on the car of your choice, starting from

$ 99
guided tours & activities

With our tour guides you’ll see the rich history of Russia and with our leisure guides you can explore its rich nightlife, starting from

$ 199

Why Us

You want to use our services because:

We are the only travel company of this kind in Russia!

We do provide to our customers exceptional service!

With us you will have the truly unique experience!

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Do you want to come to Russia for business, pleasure, or both?

We are sure that if you’ll decide to experience unique adventures in Russia, we recommend you start from Moscow, as it is not only the capital, but also the center for all the fun activities. Moscow has all the nightclubs, discos, restaurants and other venues for the most demanding customers, and we, as a boutique Russian travel company, can help you to enjoy all of them. So, in short, if you’d like to have all kinds of fun and adventures in Russia and Moscow in particular – contact us, and we will make it happen!