Our goal is to provide fair prices for sophisticated travelers looking for something special or exclusive in their business trips or holidays, so they are definitely not for the travelers on tight budget or backpackers crowd, but they are still affordable. Below is the list of common services we do provide with basic prices, but since every customer is individual with their own goals and desires, these prices are for guidance only.

visa support

We give you detailed instructions of how to obtain the Russian tourist visa in your area (what docs to prepare and where to send them or an address of the nearest VISA center if there is one in your area, in case if you’d like to visit it personally). Price starts from $49 (3200 RUB).


If you don’t want to book the accommodation by yourself and want us to select and book the accommodation for you instead, we can certainly do that, providing several options according to your desires and specifications. Price starts from $49 (3200 RUB).


We will meet you at the airport and then transfer to your place of residence on a car of your choice. You can select comfort (Toyota Camry / Kia Optima or similar), business (Mercedes-Benz E-klasse / Audi A6 or similar), or premium (Mercedes-Benz S-klasse / Audi A8 or similar) cars. Or you can order exclusive ultra-premium class car, if you so desire. Price starts from $99 (6400 RUB).


You can explore Moscow with your own personal tour guide who will show you the most interesting and culturally or historically significant places and sights in the city. Price starts from $50/hour (3300 RUB/hour) for English speaking guides (4 hours minimum).


To fully explore the rich Moscow nightlife you’ll need the leisure guide who will help you with communication and will show you all the places of your interest, be it strip-clubs, swinger clubs or anything else. Price starts from $100/hour (6500 RUB/hour, 2 hours minimum).


In case you’ll come to Russia for a business trip or just need a personal assistant and/or translator, we can provide you one. Price starts from $100/hour (6500 RUB/hour, 2 hours minimum).


If you don’t want to plan and think about where to live and where to go and what to do, and just want us to organize your whole trip according to your desires and specifications, we can certainly do it! Price starts from $200 (13000 RUB).

Once again, the above-mentioned services is not complete list as we are truly client oriented and can provide you with almost any request you might want to make, so just CONTACT US to start discussing and preparing your future trip to Russia!

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