We provide personalized services to travelers visiting Russia for business or pleasure, or both. You can trust us to take care of every aspect of your visit to our beautiful and friendly country, starting from acquiring the visa and organizing everything else you might need or want to experience here.

We strive to provide you the best service and assistance while you stay in Russia, and we can organize almost everything you want, but the formal list of services you can expect from us is following:

visa support

We will help you obtain the Russian visa if you need one (and unfortunately, most of the foreigners DO need visa to visit Russia). And we will try to make the application process as easy and hassle free as possible. Prices starts from $49 (3200 RUB)!


We can book a hotel(s) or apartment(s) you want to live in during your visit, or we can suggest you the best ones according to your preferences and budget, if you want to book it by yourself. The choice is always yours and with our recommendations you will never be wrong. Prices starts from $49 (3200 RUB)!


We will, of course, meet you at the airport and transfer to your place of residence in a car of your choice. You can select comfort (Toyota Camry / Kia Optima or similar), business (Mercedes-Benz E-klasse / Audi A6 or similar), or premium (Mercedes-Benz S-klasse / Audi A8 or similar) cars. Prices starts from $99 (6400 RUB)!


If you want to learn about Russian history and culture, we can provide you a professional tour guide who will show you Moscow and its many places of cultural and/or historical importance. But if you don’t want a personal guide and want to book a group tour instead, we can also do it for you, although the experience will of course be different. Prices starts from $50/hour (3300 RUB/hour)!


If you want to experience the rich nightlife of Moscow with its many clubs catering to all kinds of people or activities, you can do so with the assistance of our leisure guides. It doesn’t matter if you straight or gay, man or woman or a swinging couple, we will find the right activities for you and recommend the right places to visit! Prices starts from $100/hour (6500 RUB/hour)!


As unfortunately not many Russian people speak English or any other language but Russian for that matter, even in the service sector, you might need the help of personal assistance or translator during your visit. We can provide you such a service, if the need arises. Prices starts from $100/hour (6500 RUB/hour)!


If you don’t want to organize anything and just want to have fun enjoying your visit to Russia hassle free, we can organize everything and plan your visit for you according to your desires and preferences. Just let us have the headache of planning and you enjoy your trip to Russia, which we will try to make as fun and satisfactory as possible! Prices starts from $200 (13000 RUB)!

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