We are boutique travel company specializing in more adventurous kind of travelling to Russia, when you explore not only its historical and cultural heritage, but also its wonderful people. And Russian people are world known for their hospitality and natural beauty.

So we help the tourists wishing to FULLY experience Russia achieving their dreams, helping them in all aspects of their travel ensuring the great satisfaction from their trip to “Mother Russia”. And we are talking about ALL kinds of meanings of “satisfaction”, including sexual adventures of any kind.

We welcome all kinds of adventurous travelers, be it single male or female, gay or straight, or swinging couple. We can assist you all to find the fun in Moscow city (or any other big cities you are planning to travel to) along with any other tourist activities you would like to participate in, be it guided tours, cultural program of any kind, etc.

Our tour guides know the city well and can provide you quality service in the language of your choice (English is basic, other languages available by request), and our leisure guides can assist you with exploring the rich nightlife of the capital.

So why do you need us to help you with your trip to Russia? Because Russia, as every other country in the world, has its own unique features foreign visitors may not know about or have problems with. For example, not many people here speak English, even in the service sector in both capitals (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg), thus it may be a problem for a foreign tourist to get the guidance or ask advice or generally communicate with people. With us it won’t be a problem cause our staff will help you with all the matters and our guides will provide assistance with anything you’ll need, including the organization of the carnal part of your trip.

In short, you can trust us to organize all aspects of your trip to Russia, including parts most travel companies you won’t discuss with, so don’t hesitate and CONTACT US to discuss the details of your trip now. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed and probably will be returning again and again!

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